Rot from Within...

An Eye for an Eye Session 1

The characters have been adventuring colleagues for several weeks having met each other on the road with cash becoming an issue for all of them. Their route had seem them wander the towns, villages and forests of Reikland with Torgen fighting locals for silver and Jagers hunting skills providing rabbits, pheasant and partridge for inns along the route. The characters had been in Ubersreik for several days when on the notice board at the market square they saw a job offer they could not refuse…!


They travelled to the Red Moon Inn on the riverside at Ubersreik and were pointed in the direction of a booth where a certain Vern Hendrik and his wagon driver had encamped for the evening.

Vern introduced himself as the manservant of a local noble, a certain Lord Rickard Aschaffenburg. His master had recently married into a more powerful family, the Von Bruners, and had acquired a manor house deep in the forests at the foot of the Grey Mountains. They were offered a handsome sum of 6 silver a day to transport Lord Rickard Aschaffenburg’s personal possessions to the manor and to act as porters for the couple of days it would take to unload and take the items to the relevant rooms in the property. However, this was not the real mission. Vern, although not entirely in agreement with his masters worries, told the characters that all is not as it seems at Grunwald Manor. His master has reservations about the staff and feels there is an under current of rebellion or malcontent within the ranks. Vern has not seen any of this and thinks his master is unsure of his new found power and perhaps is a little paranoid. The characters agree to this mission even if Grunni expresses reservations about such skulduggery. Grunni points out that it is the Troll Slayer way to bring things into the open and to deal with them face to face…. Vern suggests this course of action could lead to trouble and gives worried glances to the other PC’s. The Characters also notice Vern’s bandaged hand. Vern admits to certain issues with local beastman bands roving deep in the surround forests. They had an encounter very recently but the Manor guards bravely fought them and drive them away. This excites the Troll Slayer somewhat and his mood improves… “Any job with a chance of impending death is the job for me”.


The characters spend the rest of the evening at the Inn and leave early the next morning. As they approach Grunwald Manor Vern’s mood becomes paranoid and gloomy. Shadows dart in the woods tht surround the remote track they are travelling on./ Just as the walls of Grunwald manor come into view, beastmen drop from the trees and ambush the wagon. But the characters work like a well oiled machine with Jager shooting one ungor through the throat and Torgen fighting the Gor. Grunni makes short work of the other Ungors before finally flanking the huge Gor and cutting it down with an axe strike through its spine.

The guards on the wall let the wagon into the confines of the manor and the characters begin to unload. They meet Lord Rickard Aschaffenburg who takes them into the Great Hall and finally into his room so he can discuss their mission in private. The characters are then free to start their investigation on the pretext that they have finished moving the furniture and caes into Aschaffenburgs room and that they will be leaving at first light tomorrow. Provision is made to house them for the evcebning with Vern Hendrik much to his disap-porval. The characres shift the cases and then start their investiogation which starts with them splitting up.Torgen goes straight upstairs to Verns room and decides to take a kip whilst Grunni walks across the yard to the guard tower where he meets Anders Blucher, the Guard Captain and his guardsmen, Manfred Klammerer, Sven Blueler, Ernest Bohne and the charming Pieter Koch. Grunni, a scharming as ever grunts a greeting and then informs the guards of the ineptitude of most human fighters he has ever met but the guards take his jibes in good spirt. Grunni is slightly more impressed with Captain Blucher and eventually feels he is in worthy company. He does not make much of an impression on Pieter Koch who very quickly takes a dislike to. He warns Blucher that he thinks the man is a killer of the worst sort and not to be trusted. He is right.

The Painting

Jager heads immediately for the sitting room. The sitting room is quiet, even though it is a thoroughfare for servants running to and from the kitchen, but dinner is a long way from being ready and the servants are yet to start preparing the table. Jager immediately realises that the room is very dark and very cold. It leaves him chilled to the bone and very uneasy. he eventually focuses on two items in the room, a chair in the middle of the room facing a small blue velvet curtain on the wall. Jager investigates the curtain and find behind it a disturbing site in deed. A painting in oils of an unblinking eye that penetrates his very soul. The painting appears to shift and writhe as he gazes into it. The shock of staring into the horrific piece of art causes much stress to poor dwarfs mind and in a fit of hysteria he attacks the picture But all blows rebound harmlessly from the canvas. Jager pulls the curtains and hastily exits the room in search of his friends.

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