As a GM I am an experienced gamer and have played both 1st and 2nd editions of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. For our Fantasy hit we have played many forms of D&D including 3rd Edition and the toilet bag of crap that is 4th edition. We were looking for a game with an different system and enjoyable combat not bogged down by record keeping and charts. I had flirted with the idea of The Burning Wheel and having bought the books I thought it was a little too complex for a group comprised of some newbies. But many had been singing the praises of Warhammer, and being a huge fan of the background I bought the game.

My personal opinion is that the rules are not very well written and a bit all over the place and the system is a bit of a departure (with more than a few abstractions) but overall I think it makes a cracking game. I don’t have masses of time to prepare and so I wanted to run with published adventures. I thought I would play an ""Eye for an Eye" from the Tome of Adventure followed by The Edge of Night.

I must admit that my old gaming group (when I lived in Essex) are all older gamers, experienced and more interested in political intrigue than good old fashioned hack and slash. I was hoping for a nice mix of the two in this campaign but my players have opted for a largely combat based group with a Troll Slayer to boot.

I thought this would lead to some problems in the game as i thought maybe an agent or noble would be an easier character to play in the warhammer world. But a credit to the players, the charcaters have adapted well and are looking at their future careers and how they would fit into this world of intrigue and mystery. Of course being able to cleave a flesh hound in two is also an admirable quality.

Rot from Within...